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Paw Print

16 01 2014

Yesterday I was called to go to my vet and pick up my baby’s paw print.  It was bittersweet for sure.  i was happy to finally have it, but it made everything truly final.  I now have every part of him back home where he belongs.  I found his old collar last night as well.  Had a very nice cry fest over that one.  It has gotten easier everyday to handle but it is still heartbreaking and hurtful to me.  I miss that little guy so much.

Even to this day it still amazes me how many people want to hear about Salem, who want to see his pictures, who want to know the love we shared.  It was certainly something pretty amazing and I miss him.  I don’t think I will ever not miss him.  He was my warrior.  And I know he is still there, looking out for me and loving me as if he was still here.

<3 Kendi

Happy New Year

1 01 2014

Dear Salem,

Mommy misses you.  You will forever leave a paw print on her heart.  It feels strange going into a new year and you not being here wearing your tie.  Not watching fireworks and the rose parade together.  No mummers, no…nothing.  So yes I am here and I am thinking of you.  ALWAYS, no matter what anyone else says, mommy will always love you.

<3 mommy