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The Onesies

23 05 2014

I thought I would show everyone how the onesie project turned out.  I was really wanting to do something with Salem’s onesies other than stuff them in a box or keep them just laying out.  So… I made throw pillows!

remember… I can NOT sew for the life of me… but I found liquid sew and I have been creating up a storm.  But first I made these…



Two of his onesies, the red one was his favorite It says “to the rescue” which he did rescue me.


the back of the long sized pillow. I used two different onesies to make this


the front of the long sized pillow. I cut out the firetruck and attached it to the center


Athena enjoying a toy I made from the scraps.

I am so excited to be doing this project, I haven’t been this inspired in months.  Infact after Salem passed I lost all creativity.  Since I can not sew I didn’t think I could make any of this stuff.  But surprise!  I have also come up with ideas for no sew dog toys too.  🙂

The Etsy Shop

23 05 2014


Ok there it is!!!  I am still working hard on products but it is up and running finally.  I have even had the toys tested by the two best testers… Dodger and Athena LOL

Thank you Bynxers… this is for you baby

You Inspired Me

21 05 2014

Late last night when I was trying to sleep, I was suddenly inspired.  I came up with such a great idea.

I started by taking your onesies and making throw pillows out of them.

Then like a shot of lightening, I realized I could make beds and toys for kitties doing the same thing I was doing.

So, I have decided to reopen my Etsy store, name it “Salem Bynx’s Creations” and sell homemade cat toys and beds.

And for every purchase, I will donate $1 to the biggest family, full of wonderful people, so that your story can keep inspiring.  The Tripawd Community.  Maybe the shop can send atleast one person in need to the website so that they can find just as much comfort as we did.


And btw Salem, that kitty friend of yours, Athena, she misses you.  She visits your ashes every night and sleeps on your blanket next to me at night time now.  I know you fought all the time, but I think she loved you.

<3 Mommy