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Very Long Time

18 07 2016


Boy has it been a long time since I logged in here.

Rest assured I have never forgotten any of YOU!

Life has just been a very rough road as of late.  Last June we lost my precious pup Jack to liver failure and it put me in a huge tailspin.  It’s been a year and I still fin myself having trouble dealing with it all.  On top of it…we had to move quickly, My brother got married (ok that wasn’t so bad :D) and then…my mom suffered a stroke.

Somehow my mom survived what we’ve been told was a 98% death rate type of stroke and the main problem she has is numbness down her left side but other than she is the normal woman I have always known.  We have been spending ALOT of time together.  In fact she is sitting next to me watching Food Network Star as I type this 🙂

I really hope to try to write either here or on my other blog (Learning to Love Again) a lot more than I have been.  I have missed all of you and am so glad to have made the friendships I have here.

Salem brought me so many things… including my baby Dodger who I must say has grown up to be one of the greatest little gifts I was ever given.  He follows me every where and greets me at the door when I come home.  It’s almost like he is trying to be Jack at the same time…I’m pretty sure he learned some puppy tricks from him!

Hope everyone is well

Love you all 🙂



2 responses to “Very Long Time”

    18 07 2016
      benny55 (14:58:20) :     Reply

    Ohhhhh Kendra! It is soooooo goood to hear from you! We will ALWAYS be here for you and with you!

    I AM coming back! I have stuff that has to get done, but I wanted to quickly send some love to yoj AND your Mom and sweet Dodger! I am soooooo sorry about Jack. We loved that little guy!

    I’ll be back my friend….just sending cyber love and hugs for now…….

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    23 07 2016
      jerry (22:40:02) :     Reply

    Woooahhh I’m so sorry you’ve been through so much, that is some hard times my friend. It would make anyone’s head spin And for Jack to earn his wings too? I’d have a total meltdown. I’m so very sorry.

    Still, I can hear in your voice that you are hanging strong just like our furkids show us how to be through the ruff times. You get that from your Mom too…what a tough lady! That’s awesome she recuperated. I know you had to have been terrified.

    I mean it when I say that it’s a huge honor that you came here to check in, AND donated to the fund too?! You have a heart of gold and we are honored to call you our friend.

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