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The Onesies

23 05 2014

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I thought I would show everyone how the onesie project turned out.  I was really wanting to do something with Salem’s onesies other than stuff them in a box or keep them just laying out.  So… I made throw pillows!

remember… I can NOT sew for the life of me… but I found liquid sew and I have been creating up a storm.  But first I made these…



Two of his onesies, the red one was his favorite It says “to the rescue” which he did rescue me.


the back of the long sized pillow. I used two different onesies to make this


the front of the long sized pillow. I cut out the firetruck and attached it to the center


Athena enjoying a toy I made from the scraps.

I am so excited to be doing this project, I haven’t been this inspired in months.  Infact after Salem passed I lost all creativity.  Since I can not sew I didn’t think I could make any of this stuff.  But surprise!  I have also come up with ideas for no sew dog toys too.  🙂

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3 responses to “The Onesies”

    23 05 2014
      benny55 (04:49:55) :     Reply

    This post makes me smile for so many reasons!!

    First of all, the “pillows” are adorable!! They’re all my favorites!! Good for you!!

    Secondly, just “hearing” how happy this project has made you! I know you feel so connected to Salem when yo do these.

    Enjoy the journey!!

    Love and hugs!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    23 05 2014
      Michelle (13:39:03) :     Reply

    Those are awesome. Great job. I have never heard of liquid sew. Pretty cool idea though. I am so glad this project is making you happy and that you found a great way to use Salem’s onesies.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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