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One Year Ago Today

16 12 2014

It hardly seems fair…

It seems like we just had a bumpy road

But it was always us, together…

I know you are still with me, I feel you constantly.

But I miss you so much Salem Bynx.

I miss your headbutts and your kneading

I miss how your purr could heal all wounds

But you sent me a wonderful baby who has tried to be there and love me just as much as you.  I see you in his eyes.

May you be whole and running free with Loki, happy and knowing that mommy is okay

<3 Mommy

Never Forget

4 12 2014

I know mommy hasn’t been around on here for a very long time, but mommy thinks of you every second of every day.

Today…one year ago I made the decision.  I followed my heart and my faith in YOU.

It gave us a few more weeks to be with each other and it gave me an inner strength I had no idea existed.

I know you were with me last night… and every other day…but last night I felt your soft face against mine.

I miss you my special Salem Bynx…more than I ever thought would be possible.


<3 Love mommy