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Never Forget

4 12 2014

I know mommy hasn’t been around on here for a very long time, but mommy thinks of you every second of every day.

Today…one year ago I made the decision.  I followed my heart and my faith in YOU.

It gave us a few more weeks to be with each other and it gave me an inner strength I had no idea existed.

I know you were with me last night… and every other day…but last night I felt your soft face against mine.

I miss you my special Salem Bynx…more than I ever thought would be possible.


<3 Love mommy



3 responses to “Never Forget”

    4 12 2014
      benny55 (16:28:11) :     Reply

    Thank you so much for posting today! It just boggles my mind to think this whole journey started a year agao.

    And yes, that decision did give you BOTH some extended quality time….time for more love, more snuggles, more spoiling, more treasured memories for BOTH of you to carry with you forever.

    Again, so glad to hear from you. I think of you and Salem Bynx so often, but it was especially strong the last couple of days…and now I know why.

    Don’t gorget we have that Tripawds Alumni thread that sweet Bonnie and Polly started. Of course, you can post anywhere anytime, but this is a great place to stay connected and surrounded by people who understand and who are always interested in delightul stories about Salem Bynx and ALL your pack!

    Yes, you DEFINITELY felt her presence with her soft face next to yours..DEFINITELY!

    We will never forget that very special kitty and your very special bond!!

    Lots of love to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!

      4 12 2014
        salembynxmommy (19:35:06) :     Reply

      I think of you often as well!!! I hope you are doing well <3

    4 12 2014
      jerry (18:23:28) :     Reply

    True love never fades. Our bond with our spirit leaders just grows stronger as the lessons we are taught helps make us better humans. Salem is still your teacher.

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