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Very Long Time

18 07 2016


Boy has it been a long time since I logged in here.

Rest assured I have never forgotten any of YOU!

Life has just been a very rough road as of late.  Last June we lost my precious pup Jack to liver failure and it put me in a huge tailspin.  It’s been a year and I still fin myself having trouble dealing with it all.  On top of it…we had to move quickly, My brother got married (ok that wasn’t so bad :D) and then…my mom suffered a stroke.

Somehow my mom survived what we’ve been told was a 98% death rate type of stroke and the main problem she has is numbness down her left side but other than she is the normal woman I have always known.  We have been spending ALOT of time together.  In fact she is sitting next to me watching Food Network Star as I type this 🙂

I really hope to try to write either here or on my other blog (Learning to Love Again) a lot more than I have been.  I have missed all of you and am so glad to have made the friendships I have here.

Salem brought me so many things… including my baby Dodger who I must say has grown up to be one of the greatest little gifts I was ever given.  He follows me every where and greets me at the door when I come home.  It’s almost like he is trying to be Jack at the same time…I’m pretty sure he learned some puppy tricks from him!

Hope everyone is well

Love you all 🙂

One Year Ago Today

16 12 2014

It hardly seems fair…

It seems like we just had a bumpy road

But it was always us, together…

I know you are still with me, I feel you constantly.

But I miss you so much Salem Bynx.

I miss your headbutts and your kneading

I miss how your purr could heal all wounds

But you sent me a wonderful baby who has tried to be there and love me just as much as you.  I see you in his eyes.

May you be whole and running free with Loki, happy and knowing that mommy is okay

<3 Mommy

Never Forget

4 12 2014

I know mommy hasn’t been around on here for a very long time, but mommy thinks of you every second of every day.

Today…one year ago I made the decision.  I followed my heart and my faith in YOU.

It gave us a few more weeks to be with each other and it gave me an inner strength I had no idea existed.

I know you were with me last night… and every other day…but last night I felt your soft face against mine.

I miss you my special Salem Bynx…more than I ever thought would be possible.


<3 Love mommy


8 06 2014


 You and me together we’ll be
Forever you’ll see
We two can be good company
You and me
Yes, together we two
Together, that’s you
Forever with me
We’ll always be good company
You and me
Yes, together we’ll be

You and me
Together we’ll be
Forever, you’ll see
We’ll always be good company
You and me
Just wait and see


The Onesies

23 05 2014

I thought I would show everyone how the onesie project turned out.  I was really wanting to do something with Salem’s onesies other than stuff them in a box or keep them just laying out.  So… I made throw pillows!

remember… I can NOT sew for the life of me… but I found liquid sew and I have been creating up a storm.  But first I made these…



Two of his onesies, the red one was his favorite It says “to the rescue” which he did rescue me.


the back of the long sized pillow. I used two different onesies to make this


the front of the long sized pillow. I cut out the firetruck and attached it to the center


Athena enjoying a toy I made from the scraps.

I am so excited to be doing this project, I haven’t been this inspired in months.  Infact after Salem passed I lost all creativity.  Since I can not sew I didn’t think I could make any of this stuff.  But surprise!  I have also come up with ideas for no sew dog toys too.  🙂

The Etsy Shop

23 05 2014


Ok there it is!!!  I am still working hard on products but it is up and running finally.  I have even had the toys tested by the two best testers… Dodger and Athena LOL

Thank you Bynxers… this is for you baby

You Inspired Me

21 05 2014

Late last night when I was trying to sleep, I was suddenly inspired.  I came up with such a great idea.

I started by taking your onesies and making throw pillows out of them.

Then like a shot of lightening, I realized I could make beds and toys for kitties doing the same thing I was doing.

So, I have decided to reopen my Etsy store, name it “Salem Bynx’s Creations” and sell homemade cat toys and beds.

And for every purchase, I will donate $1 to the biggest family, full of wonderful people, so that your story can keep inspiring.  The Tripawd Community.  Maybe the shop can send atleast one person in need to the website so that they can find just as much comfort as we did.


And btw Salem, that kitty friend of yours, Athena, she misses you.  She visits your ashes every night and sleeps on your blanket next to me at night time now.  I know you fought all the time, but I think she loved you.

<3 Mommy

I know you’re here…

5 04 2014
Loki's Ashes plus a necklace made by Renee

Loki’s Ashes plus a necklace made by Renee

I put on my necklace right away, oddly enough it reminded me of you so quickly.  Not that you have ever left my mind.

Then it happened.

I was laying in bed and Dodger climbed up in my lap.  He reached up to me and “kissed” the necklace like only a kitty can.

and yes… now Im crying and now I miss you more than ever.

It just hit me…

26 03 2014

….How incredibly much I miss you.  I truly do.  I finally made myself take out your blanket.  I slept for the first time in days once it was laying next to me…

it still smells like you...

it still smells like you…

I felt you there.

21 02 2014



The other night when I was sleeping, I felt something jump on my bed, but miss…. then a few seconds later I felt that something jump on the bed and make it.  In my half sleep daze I chuckled, remembering how you never got on my bed the first try. (all four or all three legs) I sheepishly assumed it was just Dodger, but then realized he was sleeping on the other side of my legs, no where near where I had felt the subtle pounce.  Then I felt it.  I felt your warm fur against my cheek, I heard your purr.  And then I cried.  I cried and cried.

I reached down and patted Dodger on the head when I felt him stir with a bit of concern, but then he went back to sleep.  I just laid there wanting this moment (no matter how crazy it may seem) to last longer than I knew it would.  I wanted you to be back, alive and well.  In one piece, bright eyed and feisty.  I know that will never be.  And it hurts me every single day that I wake up.  I miss you.  I miss you so very much.  It hurts me to think that there are people out there who think I never truly cared for you.  That you meant nothing to me, but to be a “cat” in my life at one point.

You were my little guy.  You were my Valentine.  You were my confidant. People just don’t understand.

In fact.  I feel incredibly special that YOU chose ME. that YOU loved ME, unconditionally.

Love Mommy